LO Palooza 2022 Event Poster -2022
Orion Art Center Annual Holiday Market Flier -2022
LO Palooza 2021 Event Poster -2021
LO Palooza 2019 Event Poster -2019
LO Palooza 2019 Green Room and Specialty Poster -2019
LO Palooza Halfway Even Invitation -2019
LO Palooza Logo: LO Palooza is an outdoor music event created and organized by The Daisy Project. The event raises money for local charities and projects that directly help children, adults, and the families with special needs. -2015
The Daisy Project: A nonprofit organization run by 6 women in their free time. The Daisy Project raises money to fund projects that help people with special needs. From building accessible baseball fields, park equipment, and modi-mats the entire community can use, The Daisy Project works to make the world a more accessible place. -2015
Charity Work
Travis Bramble
Graphic Designer Detroit, MI