Brand Know: The branding for Brand Labs' video series. -Brand Labs. 2021
Brand Labs: 15 year anniversary branding. -Brand Labs. 2021
Keweenaw Golf Lab: Indoor/Outdoor golf experience located in Keweenaw Michigan. -2021
Pom and Pineapple: A etsy store front creating handcrafted jewelry supporting women and families going through or have had gone through IVF. -2021
Frankenbee Gaming: Video game streamers and content creators. -2020
Bundt Holes: Created during the pandemic when a father and his two kids wanted to drop off their baked goods to friends and family. Now they are working on expanding and turning their hobby into a business. -2020
Side Quest Comic 2020 redesign: Online webcomic and YouTube content channel. -2020
Lady Luna and the Devil: I didn't not design the band logo but I designed the rest of the image which is used for the bands t-shirts. -2020
T-shirt design promoting the QFC Multi-Strategy Core investment strategy. -Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd. 2019
Cherry Capital Comic Con 2017 Star Wars Patch: These patches where authorized by Lucasfilm Ltd. and used to raise money for 501 Garrison that helps children's charities in local communities. These were printed in limited numbers and only sold at the C4 convention. -2017
Real D Property: I did not design their logo, I created the snake the wrapped around their already existing design. This was used as t-shirt and sailboat sail design for a company boat race. -2018
Elizabeth Whitley Interiors staged homes for open house walk throughs. -2016
NAAIM/Wagner Award - 2014
Carrie Lee's logo - 2009
Carrie Lee's menu - interiors (page 1) - 2009
Side Quest Comic logo - 2009
Marian High School 50 Year Celebration Sticker [Maestro: Turgeon Group] - 2008
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Logo Design / Business Card Design [Mike Bakos] - 2008
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Logos and Branding

Logos and branding.

Travis Bramble
Graphic Designer Detroit, MI