I worked at Stila Cosmetics as a web designer and helped launch their new site. I handled issues from UX/UI to flash to image batching -- the platform is from marketlive
PS Vita Hill - I worked briefly for ADD marketing and designed/developed this nationwide email campaign using Mailchimp for delivery.
ABS Booth! APP - This was a fun project, and my first published app done with the guys at Chime Superior! I designed all the graphics and UI for the app, from initial sketch to vector artwork. Available now for iPhone and iPad as a free download through iTunes!!
Ballet Austin brochure - This is a brochure I worked on for the rebranding of Ballet Austin in their 'Find Your Center' campaign. I designed the cover for the brochure, and the photography by Andrew Yates made this a successful piece. The senior staff at Ballet Austin inspired my design team's work because they exude pride in their institution and believe that the new B.D.E.C. studio will become Austin's cultural center. (this is only a few pages of the whole)
To see the PDF hover and click just above this text. Boom! Studios Comics Catalogue
To see the PDF hover and click just above this text. Design Team Process guide - I designed and wrote this process guide for the U.S. consumer designers which was used for quality assurance.
I've done online advertising while at Dell and other companies - this was a fun campaign for the Spongebob Inspiron Mini.
WhySanFrancisco - T4F - site design and UI! This is a micro-site for their San Francisco tours
Lammes Candies - I worked on this site at Pixeldust, I love Lammes chocolate too bad we didn't more free samples!
Some banner ads, design and photoshop magic, done for
GPB logo - Logo for video game blog
Mike Lozano
Greetings Pasadena, CA