Madama Butterfly Opera Poster

This work is an advertisment poster I made in my Advanced Graphic Design class for the Madama Butterfly Opera play. The story is about a Japanese woman that is arranged to marry an American Navy Admiral during the time of the Meiji Era. After getting the poor woman pregnant, the Admiral abandons his wife and child and Madama ends up killing herself because of it.

So I felt that using Madama's sorrow as the main focus of the poster would be a strong grab to
summarize the story and get the viewers attention. To do this, I created special photoshop
brushes to render her and and the background to give the composition a dark ; traditional ink painted look.
I also put Madama in a kneeling position with her hands regressing into herself in order show her pain and humility in her suicide.
This pose also serves as an omag to Japanese depictions of feminine beauty found in their ancient woodblock prints.

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Trevaughn Hawkins
Graphic Designer/Motion Graphics Artist Denver, CO