No Coast Water Color Album

I designed this album in my intro to Graphic Design class as a final project which required us to make an album cover for a real life local music artist that we knew. I asked my friend Kent Washington (CEO of NO Coast Co) if I could make a mock album for him using some of his company assets (such as his facial likeness and official logos) which he happily agreed to. In his music, Kent raps about the college student lifestyle, social and epistemic issues in the United States, and his own personal stories. So I started the project by taking pictures around campus of student lifestyle, drew up Kent's self portrait and full profile, and scanned them into individual panels on the album. Then I stylized the pictures on each of the panels with In-kings to match Kent’s artistic lyrical flow. Lastly, I tagged the album with spray-paint word descriptions of the panel themes to add a splash of color to the composition.

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Trevaughn Hawkins
Graphic Designer/Motion Graphics Artist Denver, CO