Keeping in mind that most of the duvet on the sides fall on the ground, any value addition on those sides would have been of no use, Hence the first panel used was factory fabric while the other two of Kala cotton showing a visual gradation.
Concept was to use kala cotton as a value addition instead of whole part of the duvet, making it a integrated part of collage
Keeping in mind the most upper part is either folded or covered with shams, the upper panel was made using factory fabric. The main concept of the design was to use the natural stripes of Kala cotton for making a pattern.
The detailing of the joinery of the two fabrics using a 1/4th flat piping. Also the to enhance the stripes on kala cotton and create a visually balanced look, a textural stitch is added.
The detailing of the joinery of first 2 panels.
Surface created using the patchwork of two kala cotton fabrics.
Surface created using kala cotton fabrics.
Spun by WELSPUN : Kala Cotton Bedding - West Elm

Having a philosophy to make good and affordable designs, West Elm believes in contributing in making the world greener and hence using more of a natural materials and clean modern lines.
West Elm believes in the story behind the design more than the design itself. It follows a design language which uses a very minimal approach,& a color palette majorly comprising of natural colors. It uses accents in the form of either color or a technique, hence giving the overall collection a very subtle look.
The same approach was being followed while designing the duvet set using organic cotton (Kala) from Kutch & a part of factory produced fabric.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Trupti Bansod
Textile Designer | NID Mumbai, India