Hive - breakout furniture system

When I sat down and designed the Hive collection of breakout furniture, our aim was a simple one; to design a multi-use collection of elements which can be added, taken away, expanded or regrouped.

I looked to the natural structure of a beehive for inspiration. While each member of the hive is an integral player and forms part of the collective, they also need to leave the hive at times to explore and collect resources. Other members come and take their place and when they return they once again become part of the collective.

This is the idea behind Hive. Components can be removed, added, rearranged and grouped to form smaller hives or individual units. The hexagonal tables in veneer or laminate act as the central hub of the system and by their design, they naturally encourage collaboration. The design of the system also facilitates in minimising the footprint used and re-purposing the floor area for different uses.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Aaron Tuck
Industrial Designer specializing in Furniture Design Adelaide, Australia