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Placebo Pill -
The more you take the tablets,the more the tablets are getting smaller.
The tablet is the same effect,only different size between them.
The psychological effect of taker is great for size of delicate differnce.
The taker can feel the psychological change that they are getting better according as the tablet become smaller. Such Placebo effect actually help patients to be restored to physical health and psychological health.
Cup Medicine Packet - The package for pills are thrown away into the waste basket after usage. It is also true for the disposable paper cup for water purifier. You will be able to reduce the waste by reusing the pill package as a water cup.
For example, you open the medicine envelope according to the cutting line
and use it as a cup before throw away. It will also reduce the moving line of
medicine taking as well.
CANDY Pills - A patient have a right to know their pill's information, effect and prescription. This Pills are wrapped in candy's paper, so the patient can naturally recognize the pill's information. also they are albe to easily know what kind of pills when missed their packet of medicine or prescription.
Rolling Band-aid - The paper cover for protect adhesion of Band-Aids creates a lot of trash. Thus, one by one type packaged re-designed by roll type form, gives possibility of saving paper covers. Furthermore, shipping expenses will be able to reduce by maximum of one-third.
KISESS Pills - You can give a present that kisess pills for your lover who is catch a cold. the lover can pick and choose each kisses pills according to he or her symptom. (Pink:A nasty cold, Blue:A nose cold, Green:A sore through) and also they can take away the bitterness from taking a real chocolate with silver color kisses.
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