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Bloody Groundhog Day poster
Fiddleworth's Toffee Sensation - A magazine ad for a fictional candy company.
T-shirt design for LegalizeFerrets.org
St. Hood Breakfast Stout, a bottle label
Drawn and colored by Tavish Stone, with face and hands by Ian, and vector art/typography by Ian
Ajax Vigilante Supply Store
Dollars of Delight for a Dime
Viridian's Quest- t-shirt design
Viridian's Quest- fictional NES game
Witch and colors by Tavish Stone, black cat by Ian Stone
Design and concept by Tavish Stone
Execution (vectorizing) by Ian Stone
1980s style VHS logo, by Tavish Stone
EVF - a logo for electric guitars

Designed by Ian Stone
The Thing That Waited
Mr. Jones - Based on the Bob Dylan song "Ballad of a Thin Man", from Mr. Jones' point of view.
The Banana Splits concert poster
National Film Preservation Foundation poster
Pi Day - Triptych
Book cover design 1
Book cover design 2
Book cover design 3
Digital art - Done in Illustrator
"Shangri-La" - Song lyric design (multipage PDF booklet)
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Graphic design and pop art

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Ian and Tavish...
Designers/Cartoonists Gardena, CA