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Pepperdoc Falls, a tribute to Dr. Pepper
Never Give Up! - Inspired by an old cartoon
William + Hans, Disneyfied adaptation of the Grimm fairy tale "Iron Hans"
Charles Phoenix, retro pop culture aficionado
Merry Elfmas!
Sword and Sandal - Painting
Heading for the Light - Painting
Starry-Eyed - Painting
Paul McCartney, circa 1961 (WIP)
'Ween Witch
The Mischievous Goblin
Coyote Brings Fire
Mushy heart designs
Our grandparents' "backyard" - A panoramic photo of our grandparents' property.
Cuppah Sugah - A hypothetical t-shirt design inspired by A Goofy Movie.
Ink pen practice
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Misc. (Paintings, color drawings, etc.)

Exactly What It Says on the Tin

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Ian and Tavish...
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