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Sink and Vanity - I created a bathroom that showed the beauty of industry and nature by being true to all of the material.
Cast concrete, African Teak, and Steel
Drawers - Set of drawers, sink with built in towel rack, Custom Faucet.
Drain Cover - Cast aluminum, this was just a prototype.
Custom Patterns - Custom pattern fired in a kiln on toilet, tank, and urinal. Customized toilet with wall mounted tank.
Flush valve - Fabricated fixture hand polished steel with natural wax finish.
Toilet paper dispenser and toilet. - Toilet paper holder matches towel rack, pattern continues into bowl.
Tank - Pull chain flush handle custom down tube.
Towel Rack - Fully adjustable, slides side to side.
Wanted to keep an Industrial feel to the finish. The marks of the maker.
Lamp (see furniture set for more pics) - Fully articulating lamp. Pivot point on the wall and on the back of the box. Led shine light through blown glass and down on the floor.
180 Degrees of movement.
SEO Show in Detroit - Against the wall.
Re-saw - Each plank is held in by the teeth of the saw blade. You are able to move them up and down adjusting height between the two.
Reclaimed barn wood, and a saw blade i broke in the shop one day.
Hard Maple runners, Inside sprayed with 2 part lacquer.
drawers - Pre veneer birch plywood. Solid Iroko drawer front to be added. Case tapers on side and on the face.
Iroko Veneer - Each strip of veneer was over 15' long by 16" wide.
First dry fit - Laminated plywood feet
Veneered Feet
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