Prototype business logo.
1/2 scale at 6' long
Outdoor display - The openness allows people to see the work in natural light and gives a more inviting feel to the display.
Outdoor display - I was hired to design and build 5 displays that could be broken down and taken on the road to art festivals all around the US. Each wall can stand freely as well as join together as seen above. So far they have been in Denver, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, and Chicago soon.
Outdoor display - The walls stand 8'x4' on their own. They have Steel frames with wood walls. Internal hardware keeps the parts down to a minimum. 1" thick steel plates on the base have been added to hold walls up to the wind.
Outdoor display
Outdoor display - work can be put on in any configuration and hold a large amount of weight.
Outdoor display
Outdoor display - Two panels create an 8'x8' display, internal hardwar holds them together so it looks clean.
Sculpture Garden - Constructed a fence front and back from 4x4 steel tube and wood for NSS in Ferndale.
Sculpture Garden - Front gate to garden/outdoor gallery designed and built.
Sculpture Garden - This is the inside front.
Sculpture Garden - These walls allows hims to keep the art outside all summer long with no problems from the public.
Sculpture Garden - This was a parking lot between the two buildings,
Sculpture Garden - Inside back end of garden
Exhibits and interiors
illi design, LLC...
Head of illi Design, LLC --Furniture Design/Fabrication Detroit, MI