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Tyson Atwell | Moments in Time (2011)
Moments 9 & 14 | Generative Tables (Edge Detail)
Moments 9 & 14 | Generative Tables (Top Detail)
Moments in Time | Generative Algorithm (Developed in Grasshopper)
Moments in Time (20 Table Series)
Moment 9 (CNC Router Fabrication)
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Moments in Time

Thinking of how hand-thrown pottery often warps slightly as it is fired in a kiln, I created a unique process that distorts the initial intended perimeter shape of these small end tables at random within a certain range. Through the creative development and use of generative algorithms, I am intentionally leaving the door open for a bit of chance to seep into the digital design and fabrication process.

Year Completed: 2011
Dimensions: 22" x 20" (Variable) x 17.5" h
Materials: Sugar Maple or Stained Plywood, Glass, Water-Based Finish

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Tyson Atwell
Designer & Creative Professional Cortez, CO