Stella - Stella stands for a method that creates unique objects. Stella‘s charm comes with the lightness of the undesigned, the influence of chance and the irregular. Generating immediate almost spontaneous forms whose details can not be influenced or corrected. Stella brakes with everyday monotony and rigidness. The jewellery consists of individual crystals that cluster in shapes bound in transparent but elastic connection.
Fidelio I - Fidelio is a shelf assembled from individual elements that can be hung from one another in many various ways. Therefore the complete shelf is variable in size and shape. According to the positioning of the contents, the shelves‘ appearance can change like a scale or mobile. Fidelio is freely moveable, at the same time being constructed that objects cannot fall out.
Design Concepts
Ute Sickinger
Dipl. - Des., Dipl. - Ing. Berlin, Germany