Sunken diamond - Spinning martini glass for Bombay Saphire. Bacardi Finland competition 2006.
Ice wave - Eyewear design for Keops and Helsinki Design Museum. Finalist (Top 8). Prototype was presented at Helsinki Design Museum.
Weightless - Ballpoint pen concept for Marksman.
Peaches - Portable food container design. Design features include heating and storing food as well as using mid part of the container as a plate...
Frame - Solar hybrid concept for Peugeot. later this same concept was used in developing el-assist futuristic electric car recharging concept.
Twisto - Wine bottle design for Vetrerie Bruni (Progetto Millenio glass design contest). 1'st prize winner in the category as well as public favorite at the SIMEI fair in Milan, Italy, 2007.
Vladimir Abramov
Designer, Financial analyst Helsinki, Finland