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Soap & Scrubber Holder - Designed for convenience in keeping soap bar, soap powder and scrubber while washing
small utensils in the kitchen.

For washing small utensils in kitchen soap (VIM bar), powder (Pitambari) with scrubber (Scotch brite) are popularly used by most of the families. It becomes messy around the sink as they are stored in small utensil, where soap becomes sogy & scrubber remains wet.

‘Application of SS in kitchen’ taking as a brief design concerns are enhancement of material, convenience in keeping &consuming the contents. And cleaning the holder itself.

The end product made by cutting, punching, bending of SS houses scrubber vertically to facilitate draining and keeps soap with minimum surface contact with holder.
Steam Ironing Unit - Steam ironing unit for small scale garment manufacturing industry. Uninterrupted supply of steam for 8 hours by boiling required amount of water thereby reducing energy and time consumption.

The design concerns are a precise interface and smart assembly of components. Design considerations also touch upon issues like redundant interface their accessibility, repetitive operations and ergonomic problems etc.

New design features,

Central display and controls calibrated with respect to type of cloth.

Automatic synchronization of tasks to avoid need of manual co ordination.

Less consumption in energy by generating only required amount of steam at a time and
by assigning only motor for dual function.

Uninterrupted flow of steam with provision of adding water any time.

Disply Unit - Range of mounting structures for corporate spaces, a modular structure to erect and dismantle in a short period of time.

Every corporate has an identity expressed through graphics, products, accessories etc. Many a times usage of material shapes this identity.

Application of SS in corporate space’ could be exploited by means of architectural hardware, furniture, furnishings etc.

The design facilitates easy installation with standard joinery and no use of hardware. The project was sponsored by Jindal Stainless, Delhi for application of Stainless Steel in corporate spaces.

Taking multi functional space as an essential area design proposal is focused on modular mounting structures for display board. The proto type made can be assembled and dismantled after use in very short period of time with no need of any hardware and tool.
Hop-Top - “Formal expression is the first impression of any object”

Form is one of the elements of design and can be derived by many ways like by geometry, radii manipulation, abstraction and some times by inspiration too. The form featured above is one inspired by grasshopper; shaped to appear and move like foot pump.

Bringing the essence of natural object in physical form is the idea behind deriving this form. The essence of grasshopper is perceived by 2d profile representing anatomy, which is further tessellated to make groundwork for taking 2d to 3d. This transformation is supported by the fascinating thing ‘hopping’. Such movement can be observed in products like stapler, foot pump, planer, jack etc. After discovering similarity, the mechanical abstraction of form is done based on 2d profile with respect to structure of foot pump.
Vajrakumar Masutage
Usability Specialist Mumbai, India