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Client: Children's Hospital of Illinois
Objective: launch redesign of hospital newsletter with an eye toward trends in publishing to create a cutting-edge magazine geared toward pediatrics.

Interactive web version: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/Launch.aspx?EID=49a69c04-43c4-433b-94e6-cb2f4344234a
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Client: OSF St. Mary's Hospital
Objective: news stand quality newsletter geared toward women with a focus compelling design spreads to draw the reader into wellness content.
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Client: OSF
Objective: Redesign of client publication with new emphasis on Seniors and ACA clients with focus on energetic, active boomers.

View Interactive version at attached link: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?eid=cdeca629-4c1c-411a-aa0a-f517e6af8dc6
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Client: Barton Hospital, Lake Tahoe, NV
Objective: Design marketing collateral calendar with emphasis on Lake Tahoe photography and an active lifestyle.
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Client: Allina hospitals
Objective: Create multiple regional versions with a split of custom and shared content, focusing strongly on community healthcare needs.
Client: Good Samaritan Hospital
Objective: Magazine style hospital newsletters with fully integrated marketing/wellness focus.
Client: Mercy Regional Medical Center
Objective: Create brand experience for possible hospital clients — with focus on wellness and convenience.
Client: Union Memorial Hospital
Objective: Design compelling visuals centered around patient testimonials in a diverse market.
Dynamic Magazine: a youth-culture journal.
Art Direct a team of writers and photographers to help youth create their own publication focused on unique aspects of pop culture, music and politics.
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Valency Muldoon
Senior Graphic Designer Chicago, IL