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Expo Live Concept Design Proposal

“For many/most of our innovators – the “idea” came from an observed need and a desire to act, to do something, to improve the situation, rather than “spontaneity and unfiltered creativity” – how can this need and desire to act be brought into the design language?”
The structure is inspired from Expo Live logo and has a goal, to establish an creative and innovative environment, which shows by itself that throw creative thinking and innovative mind a simple geometric shape(logo) can become a complicate and multifunctional architectural structure. In this way environment is “working” as an example of innovative solution, that has an idea and a meaning behind it, that can be used in day to day life, and its inspired from desire to act, to do something special that can improve the situation and not from spontaneity and unfiltered creativity.

Freelance, Full-time
Valeriy Chernolev
Art Director/ Designer / Project Manager Киев, Ukraine