Web Design

In everyday life, multimedia is everything you hear or see,e.g. text in books, sound in music, and graphics in pictures. In computing multimedia is the presentation of information by a computer system using text, sound and graphics.

Multimedia can be used in a variety of ways, and a Multimedia presentation can be put together in a variety of different formats.

Identifying client requirements (Project Selection)

a) Why the client needs the multimedia application

• It’s an easy way of promoting a product or properties in terms of sales specially for a Real estate company business

b) What they expect it to achieve:

• An application that will help us sell our properties (Land, House&Lot, Condo)

Identifying hardware and software requirements
• Photoshop CS5 will be use for the layout of the system
• Dreamweaver for the source code of the system

Van Darren Martinez
Photographer Interior&Exterior Designer Architecture 3D enthusiast Doha, Qatar