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Business card for Anna Blake photography - Designed this business card for a friend in Adobe Photoshop.
Movie Flyer - Designed this movie flyer in Adobe Photoshop. The featured woman is a salsa dancing buddy of mine.
An Invitation - Designed this project in SoftImage XSI 3D software and Photoshop. Wanted to create an invitation that emphasizes exclusivity in an urban setting.
Literary Rambles.... - This project was designed in SoftImage 3D software originally, then later with photoshop. Wanted to do something with typography in a literary setting.
Hot Salseras!!! - This project was an exercise in using the layers mask tool of photoshop. Wanted to create a collage with a blended and mixed look.
Logos Alive! - Designed this business card in Illustrator.
Scuba gear/outfitter advertisement - Designed this flyer in Adobe Illustrator. Used the blend tool for effects.
Dignity Organization - This project is from my portfolio class. We were assigned to take an intangible concept and symbolize it.
Done in Adobe Illustrator.
Ornithomimosaur ( Bird-like lizard ) - When I worked as a cartographer at the Arkansas Geological Commission, I was approached by the senior paleontologist who had acquired fossilized remains of a dinosaur foot bone that was found in a quarry. I was asked to construct a possible interpretation of what the dinosaur may have looked like. One year and a half later, this was what I came up with. Also drew illustrations of ancient wildlife to add to the atmosphere of earth science. The dinosaur is mostly styrofoam. I also used instant paper mache and utility foam to create wrinkles and bumps.
Detail from Devonian geologic time period. This is a rendering of ancient sea life that I did in addition to the dinosaur. It was done in colored pencils on a special drawing paper that I mounted on foam board.
Microfossils ( Oil on canvas ) - The same paleontologist who ask me to build the dinosaur also provided me a microscope, and microfossils to view, and asked me to put these on canvas. I wanted to utilize the "trompe L'oel" technique to make them look 3D. Drew the head of the alligator in graphite pencil.
Teranodon - After building the dinosaur, I set to work on building this teranodon with the leftover styrofoam and instant paper mache.
Meganeuron - Created this Dragonfly after building the teranodon with remaining styrofoam, wood, and other materials. Wingspan is about 30" long.
Oil on canvas paintings of extinct wildlife.
This is a mural that I painted on one of the back walls of the learning center. Medium is acrylic and regular wall paint.
The geologists would give talks and show earth science movies to school kids while I would give talks on the dinosaur.
Did this illustration in CorelDraw! for one of the geological publications pertaining to groundwater.
This is a huge geode that was extracted from a hill on a geological field trip. Through the use of acrylic on plywood, along with more paper mache, I tried to create the hill from which the geode was pulled.
Drawing of a pteranodon in graphite pencils.
Illustration of a hawk in graphite pencils.
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Anatomical study in graphite pencils.
"Drew" these dewdrops in Illustrator.
Designed this business logo in my Business Aspect of Video Technology class using Adobe Illustrator software.

These are samples of both my graphic and fine art background.
Vector softwares utilised are Adobe Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop. I have also used XSI Softimage 3D software.

Vance Pleasant
Hard working, dedicated graphic artist/video editor Dallas, TX