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Think Green - Poster design for the "Design Matters" competition. Independent project undertaken with Andrew Chau, a recent McGill Architecture grad. This poster highlights sustainable architecture in Toronto using photography, illustration, and information. Designed to fit A1 poster size; my largest independent print project to date.
Information Design Poster - This poster highlights the Canadian University Press; a long standing nation-wide orgainization that promotes the right of freedom of speech through campus newspapers. A newspaper layout was used to illustrate this.
CNIB Postcard - Before the CNIB was rebranded, their volunteer services department wanted a promotional card that would advertise certain volunteer positions. Some concepts, and the final result are shown.
Student Business Shirt Design - A small school-based business wanted a T-shirt design where the design process itself was interactive with the students. The students acted as Art Directors, where the designer actually took the creative lead to steer them, but ultimately it was a collaborative process, resulting in a T-shirt design that they sold as a fund-raiser for their business. The business stationary uses the same main visual element used on the T-shirts.
Simple Wedding Invitations - These invitations were designed for a wedding on a small budget: a simple card using the theme colours of the wedding and highlighting the unusual fact that this wedding was taking place so close to Christmas.
Triskele; Typeface Design - This poster’s purpose is to promote the unicase typeface Triskele, a display face designed to emulate the calligraphic letterforms and style from the Book of the Kells. A Triskele is a Celtic design with three main arms radiating from a common central point. This typeface was so named because it shares the same roots as this centuries-old Celtic design.
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