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FISHERMEN´S AMBULANT CART - This cart was a redesign of a previous one used by fishermen of Coria del Rio, Spain. They need a more hygiened cart to preserve their ancestral proffesion.

The three main new features in this cart were,
1. A central fridge to refrigerate adecuatly.
2. Two sided trash collectors of garbage.
3. A washbasin to clean hands and fish which flushes and changes the unclean water with two deposits allocated in the back of the cart.
CIRQUE DU SOLEIL'S PRODUCTS - These are five merchandisng products designed for the famous Cirque Du Soleil. They're aim to provide a memory set and connection for the attendants' experience of this unique circus.

1. Picture's holder hat made out of ceramic with froster glasses to place the best memories from the show. It brings a creative environment to where it is placed.
2. Flower's vase representing the jiggle's balls. The synchronized act is depicted here by offset spheres that creates an illusion of unbalance.
3. This Nightlight is inspired by the mystique of light and darkness. It features interchanged cards that project silhoutes of the circus' main characters.
4. Interactive bathroom holder for the mirror for kids to place randomly the toothpaste, toothbrush and soap's holder.
5. Cool shape rug with acrobats' motives and bright colors to decorate a living room recreating a spectacle and memories from the circus.

The Packaging is made out of acrylic and thermoformed in one single piece. It holds the full project to be presented and impact the Cirque Du Soleil when receivening it.
EXPERIENCE PROVIDER - This project is a deep study of the end-user experience with a merchandising product, anticipating its emotional factors.
Its logo represent the know-how of DYTRAS, a settling tank, being the game's objetive to simulate what the company does: treat the umpurity represented by the balls in water.
It is a water game designed to provide a holistic experience about the brand DYTRAS, a treatment water company. The end-user experience the brand while playing with it and sensing, feeling, thinking, acting and relating to the firm.
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Álvaro Morales
Marketing and Communications Manager at ascendia reingenería y consultoría Seville, Spain