When we decided to use the cardboard as raw material, it was very important for us that the objects we design cannot be only paper-made copies of existing objects. We was searching for that paper-like form which is or which could be typical for this material. This form should be able to give something – also functional and emotional – which can only be added by using paper.
The backlight ocated on the backside of the lamp cause lower contrast so our eyes do not get exhausted so fast as in case of a regular desklamp. In addition because of the double sided lighting we do not have to use other light source while we are work- ing as it enlights the whole room pleasantly reducing the energy wasting. The lamp operates with coldwhite LEDs which lights with the color gamut of the sun at noon. This colour makes the customer wide-awake using the lamp because of our reflexes
The structure of the lamp was inspired by a blade of grass which becomes a construction by only one lengthwise folded edge. This way we have created a built construction which merely just holds the light- source and by this it also defines it’s exact position in the space.
Daru lamp is made of strong natural-colored corrugated cardboard which fits well in both the tech- nological and the biological cycle. This not only reduces but eliminates the production of waste.
Because of the easy shipping and storing the lamp can be sold unfolded. The customer folds the prefabri- cated body to the appropriate form. With this process even the users get involved in the creation and so the object itself become more important to them.