We make lots of complex operations in the kithcen which sequences must be very precisely coordinated in a fairly dangerous environment – hot oven, sizzling frying pan etc. In such a complicated ambience like the kitchen we need simple tools and usability. Hence when I designed the removable handles my aim was that the instruments must be as simple as possible but not simpler.
The handles are made of a special kind of refractory silicone material that can handle 300-400 Celsius, so you could probably even put it in the oven by accident without incident.
The deep finger grooves and lengthy side plate should keep fingers cool and happy.
There is a metal part inside the silicone to brace the handle. the metal part has concave incisions in?its form and therefore after the injection molding as the silicone surrounds the metal part it will be wellfixed inside the polymer and so it cannot spin in the silicone when you shake the pot.
The red clip fixes the handle when you close it. It’s made of the same material but different color – it can be produced by multicomponent injection molding. The clip style of the handles provides plenty of space for water and detergent to spray, splatter and clean (in the sink or the, ahem, washer)
removable handles for IDEA Groups

removable handles for IDEA Groups