Decadence Eveningwear Collection: CroquiBoard - these croquis took FOREVER to finish..the lace fabric and metallic black fabric were acquired from scanned swatches that I then defined as patterns in Photoshop CS5, and the leaf details added on the garments are embroidery. These croquis were drawn with Illustrator CS5 and colored/rendered with Photoshop CS5
Fall 2013 Womens Businesswear - Croqui Board: Full colors and textiles in place
20's Empire: Croqui Board - drawn with Illustrator CS5 and rendered in Photoshop CS5
Lingerie Inspiration and lace swatches - 2013 is the year of rebirth from destruction, a dark romance. The lace design and trim I designed are at the top right corner.
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Lingerie for Spring 2013 - this is one of my absolute favorite projects!! first time designing lingerie and my own lace pattern plus trim..ideas and possibilities are endless:D
Nights Dream Sketch inspired collection - I often draw sketches that I dream of, feel at the moment, or feel inspired by my surroundings. In this collection, I incorporated one of my sketches that i titled "Nights Dream" as the knit design for these garments. For this collection, the task was also to design pieces for an established designer and the designer I chose is Laura Theiss.
Childrenswear for Missoni - had fun trying something new! Childrens clothes are adorable and in my later career, I'd definitely enjoy getting into designing for them! For this collection, I used a Missoni Spring knit I designed.
Couple of my designs for Missoni - Using Lectra's U4ia V7R1, I designed the knits. Using Illustrator, I sketched the flats. Then on Photoshop, I rendered the croqui with the knit I designed.
businesswear - Designs I came up with and sketched in a watercolor style with Photoshop CS5.
Leona Lewis Competition entry - Design I sketched for a Leona Lewis competition, inspired by one of my favorite artists, Paul Cava. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but it really meant a lot to see all the support I got from everyone.
Paul Cava inspired Textiles - Here, I changed up the design and added a pattern. Still inspired by the same artist, I dug a little deeper into one of his artworks and came up with multiple colorways.
Illustration styles - Practiced other artists illustration styles for the same design
realistic view/graphic edge - Had a little fun with a new trick I learned in Photoshop with the help of one of my teachers. Drew her entirely on Photoshop with a Cintiq pen and rendered her as 3 dimensional as possible.
Digital Fashion Collections

These are examples of work I have sketched/designed with Cintiq computers and the Wacom Tablet, practicing various illustration styles and techniques.

Angelica Chavez
Fashion Designer/Illustrator/Instructor Los Angeles, CA