shoe collection - these are two pairs of shoes i have that i decided to spend 5 hours sketching out, medium: pencil
Nights Dream - the pen sketch i used for my knit design in the computer design album:)
music inspiration - this is the way i would see music if each style had a creature-from top left clockwise: reggae, indie, hip hop, trance, dubstep, house
old man-"Rush of Emotions": lines, lines, and more lines to interpret what i felt at the moment-ART IS THE CURE! :)
GAGA! - drew one of gaga's photos with marker and designed this kind of poster:)
self interpretation - our project was to use at least 3 items that symbolized us..eyes represent me the most because I'm always looking to the future, looking at my surroundings, and analyzing. my hands are my treasures for creating, "La Mode" means fashion in french, and the model is actually a tattoo i have on my back that represents my career
still life 3 - i love this drawing even though it looks kinda random, never spent so much time/dedication/and detail on a rabbit:)
still life 2 - second view
still life - life model came to class, but this time we had to sketch out every curve, every shadow, every detail-2010
antonio 80's - our project was to sketch one of the artist antonio's artworks on a 17 x 24 page, using a grid and only drawing one small square at a time concentrating on the shapes
faces 2 - my favorite is the bottom model because she had such a fierce look!!
faces - practicing various model faces, eyes, lips..perfecting my abiltities-2009
jack skellington! - sketch i did with pencil even though it looks like marker, it's so much fun to do thick and thin shapes
einstein sketch - first ever really good sketch that even shocked ME haha because i drew it upside down-2005
old artwork
Angelica Chavez
Fashion Designer/Illustrator/Instructor Los Angeles, CA