ART DIRECTOR/PRODUCTION ARTIST—I designed this web banner using the client's logo and text....I also created the button myself using PhotoShop. This leaderboard appeared on the homepage of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce.
ART DIRECTOR/PRODUCTION ARTIST: This is a landing page for US1 Printing Solutions that was to follow the affiliated web banner that appeared on the home page of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce. Created in Photoshop and given over to a web developer to code.
ART DIRECTOR/GRAPHIC DESIGNER/PRODUCTION ARTIST—This is the home page design for a website that sold Mid-century Modern and Art Deco furniture and decorative arts. I designed the company logo as a type treatment and used a symbol font which I turned into vector art for the buttons. This was created using Dreamweaver and HTML.
ART DIRECTOR/GRAPHIC DESIGNER/PRODUCTION ARTIST—Website home page design for an online vintage clothing business...I created overall branding for the client which culminated in a frou-frou, girlie-girl look and feel throughout. This was carried through onto the business cards.
ART DIRECTOR/GRAPHIC DESIGNER/PRODUCTION ARTIST—Intranet banner design for Logistics Management Institute announcing their annual picnic....I created it in Illustrator and used a variety of fun stock photos.
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Danielle Sacripante