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Nosy Bee - This animal is a member of the newly discovered Nosy Beasts phylum (Bestiae Nasus Curiosus). If you want to know more about it's secret life, check it out at:
Nosy Waterbeast - The little Nosy Waterbeast (Aquae Bestia Nasum Magnum) is another member of the Nosy Beasts phylum (Bestiae Nasus Curiosus) and was spotted just a few weeks ago for the very first time. The little animal got some attention for being very friendly and curious about people and cameras. Get to know more about this little creature here: http://su.pr/1i4YvJ
Nosy Mole Winter edition - Nosy Mole in winter-mode. This and more cute and funny designs in my newly opened webshop. And there's a give-away if you're quick! Check out the details here: http://su.pr/2pn5j0
Holiday Cards and Name Tags - Free sample for download to make your own christmas cards this year. Make someone feel extra special with the handmade cards :)
Download it here:
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Nosy Beasts and other kids designs
Veronika Marosy
Informative Illustrator, Animator Breda, Netherlands