Concord desk light

Vicky’s desk lamp design shows a real sense of class. With the contrasting colours this simple design stands proud of any desk with clean lines and strong angles. Vicky designed this light to be simple, minimalistic and easily mass produced. This desk lamp has very few elements cutting down on cost and time. The sleek design with the steam bent and laminated arm eliminated the need to use machined fixings. Vicky has tried to think about the environmental side of this design by using a small amount of locally grown Ash for the arm, as this is extremely quick growing. Making a sleek and slender design means more lights can be produced out of a small amount of material. To finish of this design Vicky used 9 super bright LED’s that run on low voltage, this has less impact on the environment. Overall Vicky has created a compact, modern, simple but stylish, energy efficient desk light that would stand the test of time.