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Asus Center Island Display
Carpet Sample Display
Gift Card Display Stand
Rum Promo Display
Paint Swatch Display unit with Light Box
Sports Display Stand
Flat pack Mints Counter Unit
Shoe Wall Display
Interactive Display Gondola
Back of Bar Display
Back of Bar Display
Pool Cleaner Display Stand with Storage
Denim Signage
Brand Direction and Counter Display
Brand Direction and Cosmetics Display Unit
Cost effective Display Stand
Free Standing Liquor Display Cabinet
Liquor Display Cabinet detial
Shelf Mounting Promo Display
Cigarette Cabinet Display Unit
Winston Trophy
Promoters Selling Tray
Roll Feeder Wall Mount Cigarette Dispenser
Roll Feeder Loading section
Roll feeder's functional opperation
Kenwood Mixer Counter Display
Desk Planter and Reminder combo
E-Cigarette Display and Promoter's Case
Shop Herb Display wal
Condiments Holder and Specials flip-file
Condiments Holder and Specials flip-file
Clothing Display Stand
Mobile Phone Display Stand
Premium Liquor Display Island
Absolut Vodka Display Stand
Windhoek Light Box
Condiments Holder
Nesting Beer Display
Light Fittings Modular Unit
Cooking Pan Display
Step into the Light Display
Step into the Light Display
Adjustable Crate Display Stand
Dual Purpose Packaging Pattern
Dual Purpose Packaging Function
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Display Stands and Promotional Items

Various POS elements over the years. Some of these designs won awards on various levels; Gold, Silever and Bronze.

Victor Bezuidenhout
Industrial Designer | Professional Member at ACIDO Toronto, Canada