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Kitchen Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design
Accounting Firm Interior
Accounting Firm Coffee Area
Tobacco Shop Front
Tobacco Shop Interior
Large Hardware Store Lighting Section
Quick Concept Sketch for Appliance Store-in-Store concept
Appliance Store-in-Store concept
Office Coffee Shop
Office Coffee Shop
Office Coffee Shop
Backpack Store Interior
Clothing Store Interior
Restaurant Exterior Design
Restaurant Interior Design
LG Interior Wall Display
LG Gaming Pods
LG Cooking Experience Area
Lingerie Shop and Logo Design
Lingerie Interior Design
Red Bull Brand Activation Container
Mobile Phone Center Court Design
Samsung Mall Activation
Expo Stand
Microsoft Classroom of the Future
Microsoft Classroom of the Future xBox Area
Microsoft Classroom of the Future Press Photo

Image Taken From http://www.itnewsafrica.com/2017/03/microsoft-classroom-of-the-future-opens-at-the-cape-town-science-centre/
27 March 2017
Microsoft Classroom of the Future

Image Taken from https://memeburn.com/2017/03/south-africa-classroom-future/ 27 March, 2017
Microsoft Shop Interior
Microsoft Shop Interior Electronics Close-up
Microsoft Head Office Reception Area
Microsoft Head Office Interior Waiting Area
Microsoft Head Office Technology Room
Microsoft Classroom of the Past
Nokia Langa Community Project
Mobile Phone and Tablet Charging Trolley
Dickies Industrial Feel Clothing Store-in-Store Design
Dickies Shop Front and Interior Design
Dickies Clothing Store Interior Design
Panarottis Futuristic Airport Slice Store
Cooking Equipment Store Design
Cooking Equipment Store Design Interior
Restaurant Shop Design Exterior
Restaurant Shop Design Interior
Industrial Hardware Sales Area Design
Sorbet Store-in-Store Design
Microsoft Mall Activation
Coffee Shop Exterior
Coffee Shop Interior
Vodacom Mall Activation
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Interiors and Shop Designs

Over the years of worked on a multitude of interiors and I've selected only a few of them to showcase here to show the diverse range of clients I've been privileged to work with.

Victor Bezuidenhout
Industrial Designer | Professional Member at ACIDO Toronto, Canada