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I thought to emulate (in my style), a product launch advertising. With things and different advertising concepts. Starting with generating consumer curiosity.

For this design "Fugitive", I thought of advertising on youtube. A spot structured like a movie trailer. Due to the strike in the union of actors out there right now in my country, it will not be possible to produce the spot. But I try to emulate a draft story board, I will, in the language of comic. Fugitive is inspired to the bad guys. This is page 1. Sorry for the bad traslation.

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Adidas Fugitive

I made a visually design parallel to boost core product, although similar shoes seem like brothers, I did the design whitin the same style, elegant, metallic, solid.

It seems to me that boost of adidas is a good design. A design that is not necessary to add aesthetic elements, is for me a good design. Adidas design does not need anything visually.

I've added items to my proposal, an added value and a concept of my own. I made a shoe a little more dynamic and organic. The design of adidas, is a solid design and is visually static, I've designed a shoe just more fluid.

The boost advertising of adidas, offered the concept of innovation of the sole, without showing fully the aesthetic design of the product, keeping a mystery. Like this: