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Adidas Graffiti

I had thought of a line of shoes that can be customized, the consumer can make a graffiti design and translate it into the upper, line designs very simple maybe printing in silkscreen, thinking of something handmade. Or maybe with a mask covering the uppers, somewhat similar to airbrushing. the idea is to shift the culture of graffiti to a shoes. Adidas, which has a stiffness in his line, very focused on a concept that has given them success. But, there are markets that are being ignored, there are consumers who do not appreciate the futuristic designs, rigid designs, and this exercise is about finding concepts, trying to get away from the characteristic of the brand. It is difficult and risky, trying to get away from a line that has success, so I proposed to divide the proposals into two parts, a line that focuses on urban fashion, with designs also inspired by technology, and another line that focuses organic designs.