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In this design, I explore the symmetry in the sole, and the tip of the shoe design chosen first. Organic forms. Looking organic platforms, keeping the adizero style.

Inspiration: Terminator foot (Calcaneus), HR Giger

There are things about this design, I like this concept. Hybrid does not have anything to do with characteristics of various designs assembled in one shoe. Rather, it has to do with a consumer focus.
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Adidas Hybrid

The concept "hybrid" is inspired by the human body physical anomalies, focusing on the Egyptian foot and 6 fingers. It would be interesting to know how many people with anomalies as well.

I want to link the term "hybrid" to make it more elegant, and do not expose this concept in a derogatory manner. Also linking this with human hybrids (science fiction) and not handle the concept as anomalies rather like privileges, eccentricities, advantages, beauty.

Also explore aesthetics of Egyptian culture, ornamentation with hieroglyphics, and a color palette that alludes to that.

I like the dephasing of the line of holes for the laces, made to move that item to the side, eccentric.

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