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Herons, by themselves are beautiful, but the basketball court is preferable rudeness, okay, we merge beauty and toughness. The beauty of the herons is similar to the physical qualities of a basketball player, is admirable as being so high, elongated and stylized with a capacity of balance and stability, both can fly, both can land on one foot, that is the concept .
This is one of the proposals which would submit and be considered for companies large and small. Shoe design is inspired in the herons. The shape of their legs and feet, their way to land. I've thought about designing a shoe line with the concept of "landing". Inspired in animals that requiring landing constantly and have special characteristics different from each other. Also in vehicles, aircraft and landing pads built by man. These representations of shoes, made ??with different logos. Which of all makes better fits the concep inside brands?

In the design of the adidas brand, the shoe is holding the ball, like a bird's claw. In the design of Li Ning looks good silhouette of the heron, and the logo appears the wing. In the Nike brand, the logo fits well to create interesting proposals.
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Basketball shoe design, this design is for sale. For any brand

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