Happy 60th birthday European Union

My illustration "Happy Birthday EU" presents a city put together of different countries using one or two characteristic landmarks of the 28 European Union states.The position of the landmarks representing the given countries was formed according to their geographic situation, but not with topographic exactness. The composition needed the largest part for Italy and Spain and the countries' territories decrease northward, so Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania or Danmark are represented only by a small building each. This does not mean a distinction however, it is a compromise forced by the composition. :)

Hungary is represented sligthly ironically, as in our country reconstruction and refurbishment is continuous, mainly in the summer period, with cranes and roadwork everywhere. You can find this at the foot of Gellért Hill (below Liberty Statue).
Contrary to Brexit I still see the European Union complete with them, with red double-deckers, the Big Ben, the Dublin Castle and Loch Ness Monster.

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Zsolt Vidak
illustrator BUDAPEST, Hungary