Pipien Molestus - Meditation special

PIPIEN MOLESTUS - Meditation special
Graphic novel book

152 pages, black and white book.
11.5 x 15.5 cm / 4.52" x 6.1"
self publishing in 500 pieces

About the story:
The story is about a man, who, returning home from work, on a seemingly average day was given by fate an extraordinary chance to take part in a strange journey. This journey is leading to his inner world, soon falling into a hopeless search for the way out. During this journey his seemingly good decisions are formed by incidental events leading him in his surrealistic world to the final purpose. Is that his real purpose? And what kind of spiritual experiences were brought by this journey? Does he ever find his earlier self at the end? It might be revealed by the story.

You can see some spreads from the book.

Zsolt Vidak
illustrator BUDAPEST, Hungary