The Escape jacket

During the research phase of this project the idea of “time as a luxury” came to be a main theme. After trying to find ways to give people more time I finally ended up with the idea of removing (connected) time instead since luxury is often more about the things you remove than the things you add.
The idea is that as soon as you leave work, or just want a break you put your phone in the inner pocket of the jacket and you terminate all connectivity. By using the pocket as an off switch you make mobile communication a bit more tangible, there is something very satisfactory about being angry and throwing your phone in your pocket to end a call.

Bu using the principles of a Faradays cage the pocket is effectively blocking all radio frequency waves. An NFC chip embedded in the fabric turns of the phones antenna to save you that precious battery time.

Victor Johansson
Designer of objects and interactions London, United Kingdom