"Traveling Love" (Photoshop)
"Love Is In The Air" (photoshop)
Nativity (Photoshop)
Santa Village (Photoshop)
Snowman Family (Photoshop)
Winter in The Park (Photoshop)
Deer In Winter (Photoshop)
Christmas Village (CorelDraw)
Bike Trail (CorelDraw)
Biking With Friends (CorelDraw and Photoshop)
Wagasa: Freedom (CorelDraw)
"Folkbirds" (Coreldraw)
"Folkbirds" (Coreldraw)
Warmers with Folkbirds pattern (3D Studio Max)
"Day and Night" (photoshop and Coreldraw)
Winner: "Acceptance", Traffic Utility Box Art, City of Pompano Beach, FL, May 2020 (Coreldraw)
"Butterflies and Flowers" (watercolor, layout in photoshop)
"Dreams" (photoshop and Coreldraw)
"Splash" (photoshop and Coreldraw)
"City" (pen and ink)
"Holiday" (Illustrator)
Nativity (Photoshop and CorelDraw)
Nativity (Photoshop and CorelDraw)
Nativity (Photoshop and CorelDraw)
Folkbirds (Photoshop and CorelDraw)
Folkbirds Warmer Wrap
Friendly Forest (Photoshop and CorelDraw)
Friendly Forest Warmer Wrap
"Kittybot" (CorelDraw)
Digital Artwork in Photoshop and CorelDraw

Various digital artwork done in Photoshop and CorelDraw

Freelance, Full-time
Vina Domingo-Roy
Product Designer and Artist Boise, ID