The Rainstick Chair is a unique design because it combines traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques in one product. It is also interactive because you can spin each rainstick that is used as a backrest and make the sound of rain. So aside from being functional and stackable which saves space, it is also fun to use. The rainsticks are made in a traditional way, using a small bamboo culm decorated with an ethnic fabric and tied with rattan strips on both ends. A stainless steel rod goes through the rainsticks to hold them together. At each rainstick interval, stainless steel washers or rings and rubber can be put to facilitate the spinning of the rainsticks and to protect the fabric from being torn. The rest of the chair is made up of engineered bamboo in a modern form. The Rainstick Chair shows that cultural heritage, interactivity, and modern production techniques can go hand in hand.
Bamboo chair 3dsmax/vray
Evolution Lamp is a unique design because it combines tradition and craftsmanship with modern techniques in one product. It is also multifunctional because aside from a being a lamp, it is a table as well. Evolution Lamp uses the following on different parts of the design: cutting, weaving, laminating, paper making, and engineering. The lamp body is made of regular bamboo culm wherein the top portion splits into thin strips from the top end of the culm and goes up to serve as spokes to hold the weaving. More thin bamboo strips are interwoven in these spokes to make a basket-like appearance. The base or foot of the lamp is engineered bamboo wherein the bamboo culm is inserted. The engineered bamboo base opens to eight curved legs like a flower giving it a modern touch and provides stability, too. The table is made of laminated bamboo rings and these are supported by small bamboo twigs at the bottom. Finally the diffuser can be made of natural bamboo handmade paper.
Bamboo table lamps (made of bamboo and metal components)
Bamboo table lamps (made of bamboo and metal components)

Furniture and lighting design concepts rendered in 3D Studio Max (with and without Vray)

Freelance, Full-time
Vina Domingo-Roy
Product Designer and Artist Boise, ID