Trend room is an online store of luxury accessories. The main concept of brand identity is a very expensive minimalistic look. The idea was based on a black and white style, always classy, the blue color helps to stress main points and makes the brand stand out. The clean sans-serif fonts were used in the logo concept, combined with hand-written fonts that looks modern and fashionable. The brand is focused on a female audience of high social level.
Moodboard - the process of work always begins from the creation of a moodbord, in order to clearly understand the starting point from the very beginning and to identify the direction.
Sketching - is the most effective and quick way to find the best option of the logo idea. I start sketching after the moodboard. This is the one from very important steps of a process.
Color palette - as already mentioned in the main description of the brand, we stopped on black and white and blue. Black is the main color and white and blue are used only in elements to emphasize the significance and sense of style.
Fonts - Open sans was chosen as a basis. The headers will use the fonts of upper case and for the rest of the content, the basic text use a low case. The letter spacing 50 gives a sense of space and freedom as well as ease in reading and perception.
Stationery - executed in a minimalist style, in combination with white and black colors. This includes the main elements: business cards, letterhead, paper notebook.
Letterhead, notebook, business card
Packaging - a shopping bag design was developed for different sizes, from small to large, plus boxes for jewelry packaging. Everything is packed with blue wrapping paper.
Website - black color is the basis of the website design. Black and white photo creates a general mood and atmosphere of the brand.
Social media kit - the identity package also includes the design of an instagram style and the other social media design: facebook cover, ads, twitter, linkedin covers. Of course, the main purpose of design here is to attract followers and develop the brand.
TREND ROOM corporate identity

A fashion online shop of authentic designer jewelry and access. Luxury accessories store brand identity design.
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Inna Vinchenko
Graphic Designer Rome, Italy