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Guy Ellia Répétition Minutes 2008 - the first "Minute repeater mvt" floating in a sapphire case (550K€)
Guy Ellia répétition minutes
Guy Ellia répétition minutes - Back of the case (in sapphire).
resonator for a minute repeater
C. Claret Dualtow 2009, 500KCHF
GE Quantième perpétuel (2007) - Case with back, casing ring, case middle, and disc in sapphire. (90K€)
HU GE (2007) - From Concept to reality
GE Z2 - F. Piguet mvmt.
Time Space - from concept to production.
Autodesk solution.
GE Time Space carrée
GE Magistere Black DLC Ti
GE Magistère 2 - From concept to production.
done on showcase.
Guy Ellia Magistère 2
JC Chrono Carbone (CMC) - 2008, before A.P
GE, Sapphire movement (2006)
GE "Tonneau"
Women's watches
GE Queen - OG (WG) OR 5N (RG) and Diamond
Project of customisable case
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Watch and luxury industry (only a few are visible) most of them are in N.D.A.
€ 20K to € 1000K

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Vincent Fourdrinier
Senior industrial Designer and Manager, luxury watches expert, industrial watch... luxembourg.paris.geneva, Luxembourg