The modern design provide functionality for the user as well as creating a uniform image on the street, which perceive as a more hygienic image for the environment.We’ve came up with an idea of a modular connected EV Smart Tuk Tuk design to try to solve as many problems as possible.
To grow this company at a healthy rate and expand into other country which might need this business model for their city and their people.
• It has a modular loading bay for selling different types of goods. • Improved water resistance as flooding is common in Cambodia. • Customer can order or locate a specific types of good anytime . • GPS radio so the vehicle could be tracked real time. • Security box features.
Through IoT and big data gather form the vehicle, we hope to be able to improve the lives of the needed, at the same time create a better environment where this project is deployed.

Make street vending a pleasurable and measurable to improve the life of the locals” is the mission of this project. To design and provide an affordable modular EV TukTuk, to help the Cambodian with low income and to better facilitate the act of mobile selling of foods and goods. By incorporating tracking device communicating with a mobile app, our project could provide location of nearby street vendors for the masses, it will also help regulate the current unregulated street vendors in Cambodia.

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Vincent W.S Chan...
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