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Frozen Fears - A very old scene, made with 3DsMax and default scanline renderer.
New World - An old scene too. Made with 3DsMax and Mental Ray. I tried to transmit the idea of Mars colonization.
Tunnel - This one is not so old. Created with 3DsMax and Mental Ray. I wanted to develop some skills creating destruction. Perfectioning imperfection is the hardest job.
Window to Heaven - Very old. Made with 3DsMax and Mental Ray. I just wanted to try the Mental Ray renderer.
WWIII may not be the solution. - Just some idea. I tried to create a destroyed planet and transmit the idea that nothing can stop war but ourselves, not even space.
Sheffield, Mars - Made with 3Ds Max, Fusion and photoshop.

With many thanks for "cgtextures.com"
Concept Art
Vincent Gillot
CGI Generalist Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain