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Kingdom of the Four

Thelenia. A kingdom in crisis. Earth. Fire. Wind. Ice. Four sorcerers, each commanding one of the basic elements of existence. Four tyrants terrorizing the land with their power.

It was the age of darkness, until an enemy of the kingdom was changed into its champion.

When Sexton, the master of Fire is kidnapped by the Black Hand, a revolutionary sect of ninja, he is forced down a path of redemption. Stripped of his elemental power, his honor and compassion were restored.

Consumed by grief and regret for his former villainy, Sexton vows to defeat his former comrades and return the kingdom to the people. Led my Mizuichi, the master of ice, the three remaining elementals have increased their power, walking as gods, believing themselves indestructible.

The Black Hand taught Sexton that no one is indestructible.

Once, Thelenia was a kingdom ruled by four.

Now it is a kingdom terrorized by three.

In the end, it must be saved by one.

Vincent Spencer
Illustrator/Storyboard Artist Brooklyn, NY