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Crazy Pizza Cutter

Rotary pizza cutters are effective, quick and thus popular. The bigger wheel (i.e. the smaller curvature of the blade) of a rotary pizza cutter the better it cuts (small wheel is a problem). The smaller its wheel the better it's to stow (big wheel is a problem). How to avoid both problems at once in a single rotary pizza cutter?

The solution logically comes out of the problem. Let's use a rotating element with small curvature of blade (like in a LARGE rotary pizza cutter) and with small overall dimensions at the same time. Is it possible? YES, it's possible with Reuleaux Triangle (a curve of constant width) rotating element, as shown on the image and animation. Note, that elevation of the cutter's handle doesn't change during cutting pizza, like in case of conventional, "round" rotary pizza cutter - thanks to the magic of geometry.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Vitaliy Gnatenko
Industrial design and 3D modelling Киев, Ukraine