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Ukrainian Scissors

Compared to regular scissors (the least mechanical advantage is at the tips) and the "Swiss Scissors" (Swiss CH636039), the Ukrainian Scissors' principal innovation is the biggest mechanical advantage being available where it's needed most of all - at the scissors' tips. This is a huge advance by itself.
The main features of the Ukrainian Scissors are the following:
1. The biggest mechanical advantage (7:1 in the working prototype) is where it's needed most of all - at the tips of the scissors as a virtual fulcrum is in front of them (unique ergonomic feature, great for precision work like craft, etc.);
2. Minimal slipping risk due to a narrow gap (small cutting angle) all along the blades (safety and convenience);
3. Much shorter than regular scissors with same maximum mechanical advantage and blade length, user's hand is much closer to the working area (precision, convenience, storage);
4. The tips are the slowest moving parts of the scissors what is great for precision work.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Vitaliy Gnatenko
Industrial design and 3D modelling Киев, Ukraine