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Iconostasis ( Church of Saint Luca Smederevo )
The ornamental cross . It is on the right side of the church.
This is the second cross :) It is on the left and right side in sanctuary :)
This is first ornamental cross that i did in 3d for this church, and also, one of my first CNC models ever :) . The cross is on the left side of the left church entrance.
The left image is an photo of empty nave space in the church. Image on the right is an photo of construction of the iconostasis without icons, doors and the cross at the Beautiful Gates. In the next couple of images i will show you different construction and relief concepts that Milan and me have developed during the process of work on iconostasis.
On the left there is a image of the ortodox floral element that Milan has chosen for the defencive wall reliefs. I have worked on a 3d CNC file of this drawing. On the right , you can see detail of the first relief that came out of 3d cutter.
The left images are showing Milan drawings of floral elements that have been applied on the defencive walls. Combining floral elements form tree drawings on the left aldough with the gold frame, the 3d workers have developed the final relief . The relief is applied on a two defencive walls symmetrically. on the right you can see the final result applied on a defencive walls.
This is our starting iconostasis concept. By researching various Eastern Orthodox iconostasis, we were looking for inspiration in shape and materials. Right at the beginning, Milan and me have noticed many visual and functional issues with our first concept ,considering existing church interior, but it was more important for us to have anything as a staring idea. Icon places and door positioning were not seriously discussed at this point. This image is showing the empty space in church (above) and our first concept (bottom)
There is five doors and six icons places on iconostasis. We are getting closer to the final look, keeping some of the previous ideas.
cross rellief 2
relief 1
Iconostasis ( Church of Saint Luca Smederevo )
iconostasis in church of Saint Luca in Smederevo
cross rellief
iconostasis in church of Saint Luca in Smederevo
relief detail
Cross reliefs for Church of Saint Luca in Smederevo
This is another ornamental cross. As i know, it is a well known cross in orhitodox church art and it has been aplied many times. I have been worked on a 3d and preparing files for CNC Stone cutting .3d Model is on the left and CNC Work is on the right.
Central door (Dveri) has been resized from the staring concepts.
iconostasis the sketch for relliefs
Milan :) showing serafims on the top :)
above th door ( circular element added after )
Allmost final look ( without the icons and the cross on the main door )
left wing ( two doors )
front look ( central door with golden colums )
My back are are at the oposite of the church iconostasis, what is not a rule :) , and i am so fat also :) but it is just a picture for a memory ......:)
Iconostasis for the St. Luke Church (Smederevo)

Iconostasis is wall between the nave and the sanctuary in church, which is covered with icons and it is a very important part of all eastern orthodox church interiors. My role in this project was working on 3d sketches and 3d models , with Milan painter and restoration artist. Using elements form Serbian Orthodox Medieval art, Milan drawn lot of sketches, that i try to model in rhino . In the end i didnt model much but we have gave idea and drawings for the final look and most details :) The iconostasis was made from stone technique combining yellow mosaic that imitates gold. The final result was more than impressive. The stone iconostasis was cuted by "Milstone" company from Belgrade. The church location is in the Smederevo, and it is dedicated to St.Luke which holds cult as holy healer of the Serbians.

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