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Vector sketch for background
UI investigations
Final Design. Final UI has a transparent and reflective look. Overall style moved from flat vector l to semi-realism.
Background initial sketch
Work in progress...
Having some fun with Popeye and Olive characters on a concept stage.
Olive. Rough sketches
Olive. Final Icon.
Creating lettering and UI Elements in "Popeye" style in Illustrator.
Final Look on Mobile
Another Game based on the same theme.
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Mobile Games. From rough concept to finish.

Process of creating Mobile Games for "Dragonply" from rough concept to finalizing. Working on different aspects, from UI to Illustration, in order to create the final result, where all elements will work together. That includes background, static and animated icons, UI elements and lettering.

Freelance, Full-time
Vladimir Pavlenko
Illustrator, Graphic Designer, UX Designer Haifa, Israel