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Sound System Hobby Projects

VP Sound Systems is the brand for my speakers and sound systems that I've designed and created.

The projects run in the below order:
1) VP Firepower
2) VP Disco
3) Fitting smaller drivers into a large Subwoofer box
4) VP Bass System
5) Future Developments

VP Firepower was designed for the living room environment. It is a set of two units that can provide high quality audio across all frequencies using the built in crossover system.

VP Disco is a set of car speakers with design inspiration from record players.
They are removable, so they can be hidden from sight of any thieves while the car is parked overnight.

VP Bass System is a floor-up vehicle sub-woofer, providing you with extra room in your boot to put larger items inside.

Watch this space for further designs and developments!

Vimal Prajapati
Product Designer Liverpool, United Kingdom